In this activity, we will look at two aspects of photosynthesis. Put the weed in NaHCO3 solution. Photosynthesis - Photosynthesis - Energy efficiency of photosynthesis: The energy efficiency of photosynthesis is the ratio of the energy stored to the energy of light absorbed. Floating plants photosynthesize much like plants that grow on land. 1) We will use a “Fluorpen” to measure the heat tolerance of different plants. Photosynthesis involves the same molecules and chemical reactions in land plants and aquatic plants. However, the process presents more of a challenge for aquatic plants if they are fully submerged below the surface of the water. Using 'immobilised algae' - It's easy and accurate to measure the rate of photosynthesis and respiration using immobilised algae in hydrogen carbonate indicator solution - known as the 'algal balls' technique. 2) We will use a spectrophotometer to measure the pigment content of some different plants, to examine how plants vary these in response to the environment. You can measure photosynthesis by taking an aquatic weed and measuring the number of oxygen bubbles given off in a certain time period. The chemical energy stored is the difference between that contained in gaseous oxygen and organic compound products and the energy of water, carbon dioxide, and other reactants. Read the full protocol on using immobilsed algae to measure photosynthesis. The concentration of photosynthetic pigments is commonly used as a measure of the amount of plant material in a sample (Cullen, 1982), and photosynthesis rates are frequently normalized to chlorophyll a concentration (Jassby and Platt, 1976). Measuring photosynthesis via the uptake of carbon dioxide . You can measure photosynthesis via production of carbon dioxide or oxygen. Oxygen is measured by counting bubbles by using the Audus apparatus. Abstract. One of the simplest measures of photosynthesis is just measuring how much your plants grow (i.e., weigh them). You can measure photosynthesis by taking an aquatic weed and measuring the number of oxygen bubbles given off in a certain time period. This is to measure the amount of gas evolved in a span of time. Place cabomba pondweed in an upside down syringe connected to a capillary tube in a water bath.

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