We call it high flood. Rivers are the only outlets of the rain water. What it Flood and how it is caused? Flood occurs when it rains heavily. Rain-water falls on big mountains as well as upon plains. It is to be noted that the same villages are hit by the floods but even then no measures are taken. Short essay on Floods in Bangladesh As a country with its geographical position right before the sea ‘Bay of Bengal’, and also with several rivers originated from Himalaya, and flowing to the Bay of Bengal through different channels inside, Bangladesh is one of the most flood affected country in the world. As the river bed is lower in level, all the rain-water flows to low lands and rivers. The problem of floods in Pakistan is not new as it dates back to the year of independence 1947 when the first major flood hit Pakistan. Essay on Flood: Causes, Consequences and Prevention – Essay 4 (400 Words) Introduction: Flood is one of the recurring natural disasters which is an outcome of above average rainfall and accumulation of excessive water in every living area. Easy Essay On Flood In English About Footage- Footage is vlog, Food. As the rain continues for days the, water level in the river rises. If we look at the coastal areas, the hurricanes and tsunamis are held responsible for causing floods. In this essay on flood, we will see the prevention and after-affect of flood.

In time of flood the Government of India adopts various measures to alleviate the sufferings of the people. It arranges for both long-term and short-term relief. We call it flood.

There is overflow of water on the banks in the river. The short-term relief … In other words, whatever the cause may be, it is equally dangerous.

Another reason for floods is when the dam breaks down. Villages were swept away by the flood waters leaving many homeless. Generally, flood helps the farmers. Since then eight more floods of even greater magnitude in 1954, 1970, 1988, 1992, 2001, 2005, 2007, and 2010 have caused heaps of destruction in the country taking the lives of millions of people and leaving billions of them homeless. This short essay on Flood contains information on what is Flood, how it is caused, its effect, relief and preventive Measures. Floods were caused by heavy rains and overflowing of water from rivers after the breakage of dam barriers. When it rains heavily, the river bed swells.

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