Key Changes What to study? Article 370 and Article 35A – A brief background | UPSC – IAS The peculiar position of Jammu and Kashmir was due to the circumstances in which the State acceded to India. What to study? Article 35A is the exception allowed by Article 370 in the Constitution of India but indirectly links to Fundamental rights and privileges offered under J&K Constitution. It appears in Appendix I of the Constitution. other alternatives.

Article 35A empowers the Jammu & Kashmir legislature to define the permanent residents of the state, and their special rights and privileges. The notification by the president has effectively allowed the entire provisions of the Constitution, with all its amendments, exceptions and modifications, to apply to the area of Jammu and Kashmir. Quiz on article 370 and article 35A and constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Union government can therefore not declare emergency on grounds of internal disturbance or imminent danger unless it is made at the request or with the concurrence of the state government. What is Article 370 and 35A of Indian Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir News: A recent central ordinance, which extends reservation to SCs and STs in J&K, throws the spotlight on Article 35A, as well as Article 370 from which it derives.

For Mains: Controversies and issues associated, is it discriminatory in nature?

Article 35A stems from Article 370 and was introduced through a Presidential Order in 1954, on the recommendation of the J&K Constituent Assembly.

For Prelims: Features of Article 35A. Read on the article to know a detailed analysis of both the article.

Important questions from article 370 and 35A.Quiz on removal of article 370 and article 35a35A from Jammu and Kashmir. Article 35A and Article 370 provide unique status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir but these articles have remained in controversy since inception. Under Article 370, the Centre has no power to declare financial emergency under Article 360 in the state. While the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will have a legislature, the one in Ladakh will not. However, the drastically altered Article 370 will remain on the statute books. For Mains: Arguments in favour and against the removal of Article 370, what is the right move and can an amendment solve the issue? Article 35A and related issues . Context: The government has said that Article 370, which provides for special status to Jammu and Kashmir, is a temporary provision in the Constitution and Article 35A, … do we need to scrap Article 35A? What are these two provisions?

Article 370 .

For Prelims: Key features of Article 370 and related facts. It can declare emergency in the state only in case of war or external aggression.

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