reason being mounting non-performing assets. 5.2.2 A non performing asset (NPA) is a loan or an advance where; i. interest and/ or instalment of principal remain overdue for a period of more than 90 days in respect of a Term loan, Over the past two decades, there have been two such episodes when the banking sector was severely impaired by balance sheet problems. This paper is an attempt to compare the non- performing assets of SBI and ICICI Bank using the secondary data analysis and to comment on their individual performances too. II. Non- performing assets had been the single largest cause of irritation of the banking sector in India. 5.2 Non Performing Assets 5.2.1 An asset, including a leased asset, becomes non performing when it ceases to generate income for the bank. #4 – Loss Assets. Banks in the country are likely to witness a spike in their non-performing assets ratio by 1.9 per cent and credit cost ratios by 130 basis point in 2020, following the economic slowdown on account of COVID-19 crisis. Then we understood the challenges the banks will have to face in implementing them. Non-performing Assets (NPAs) INTRODUCTION.

In the best interest of our readers, we have come up with a comprehensive post on NPAs, in which analyze the entire issue in detail. Non-performing Assets; but in recent times the banks have become prudent in extending advances, the reason is increasing non-performing assets.

Non-performing assets had been the single largest cause of frustration of the banking sector of India.

The final classification of non-performing assets is loss assets were the loan has been identified either by the bank itself or an external auditor or internal auditor that the loan amount collection is not possible, and a bank has to take a dent in its balance sheet.

Amongst the various desirable characteristics of a well-functioning financial system, the maintenance of a few non-performing assets … NPAs nowadays these are one of the major concerns for banks in India. Such a loan is known as Non-Performing Asset (NPA). loans, the reason being rising non-performing assets. data to non-performing assets and the micro variable from 2001-02 to 2011-12 were collected from various issues of SBI Annual Reports and RBI Bulletins.

India. When the borrower stops paying interest or principal on a loan, the lender will lose money.

We learnt what Basel norms are and why they hold such importance for the Indian banking system. The best indicator for the soundness of the banking sector of a country is its level of Non -performing resources (NPAs).

Majority o f the articles deals with level and controlling measures of NPAs in Indian b anking sector .

The primary data in the form of the perception of officials on management of non-performing asset is measured with the help of pre structured questionnaire LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 1. The economic future of the country is wholly dependent on banking sector.

In the last article on “Understanding the banking system“, we had discussed the Basel norms.

This study Non-Performing Asset - NPA: A nonperforming asset (NPA) refers to a classification for loans on the books of financial institutions that are in default or are in … Keywords ² Non -Performing Assets, Banking sector, causes of

NPA is short form of " Non Performing Asset ". Covid-19 Impact: Banks to witness spike in credit costs, non-performing assets in 2020 06 Apr, 2020, 12.06 PM IST.

Growing non-performing assets is a recurrent problem in the Indian banking sector. Indian Banking industry is seriously affected by Non-Performing Assets.

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