The presumption is that you will best retain the information presented to you if the conditions of your learning style meet. Gaining knowledge about things that connect to the real world that we walk in everyday is of great interest to me. You have a good sense of pitch and rhythm. The three that are the most popular and explored are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. They tend to absorb information in a more efficient manner through sounds, music, discussion, teachings, etc. Auditory learners generally remember what their teacher says and readily participate in class. The VARK stands for Visual (V), Aural (A), Read/Write (R), and Kinesthetic (K). Each style can be broken down into a category based on sensory needs: auditory, visual, and tactile. According to the Fleming (2009) VARK is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. A learning style is a term used to describe the ways in which people gather, interpret, and store information.

In my aural learning style, I learned that I can even record my self talking about the topic and listen to it again later, saying the answers out loud will also help when I am trying to recall my voices. Preferred learning style is a multimodal learning style which includes all of the above mentioned four learning modes.

These three basic styles make up this theory of learning that has helped countless students and others.

If you use the aural style, you like to work with sound and music. First of all, visual learning strategies include looking at pictures, postures, slides, diagrams, graphs, flow charts, and underlining and highlighting the key words during learning. Certain music invokes strong emotions.

It is a tool for learner to analyze their learning style. Also learned that by pretending to talk to my examiner or instructor will give me deeper insight of the topic. In essence, auditory learners retain information best when it is presented through sound and speech. Tactile / Kinesthetic learners are those who learn best by moving, touching and doing. An aural learner (auditory learner) are very good listeners. Auditory learning is one of the  three learning styles  established by the VAK model of learning. Today in this essay we will explore learning styles that equate with a preferred bodily sense through which one receives information.

You typically can sing, play a musical instrument, or identify the sounds of different instruments. Auditory learners are those that learn best by hearing the material.

These individuals will be more likely to record lectures so that they can replay them at a later time for study purposes.

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