The Central Dogma: Protein Synthesis. Learn more about this remarkable process, shared by all living things. The process of building a protein from the DNA instructions using RNA and amino acids. mRNA. doudkr. the disposable copy of DNA that will be the messenger. ribosomes. Created by. Match. The central dogma of molecular biology describes the two-step process, transcription and translation, by which the information in genes flows into proteins: DNA → RNA → protein. Test. PLAY. Write. Terms in this set (21) Central Dogma. the process of making a disposable copy of DNA but in the form of RNA. transcription. Gravity. DNA -> RNA -> Protein -> trait. the construction site for building proteins; where mRNA is sent. Protein Synthesis. temporary. PLAY. RNA is synthesized by the enzyme RNA polymerase. Protein Synthesis: Translation Ribosomes Made of rRNA and protein 2 subunits (large and small) form a 3D groove 2 major sites: P site ---holds the growing polypeptide A site -- … Central Dogma (protein synthesis)* STUDY. Spell. In gene expression, a DNA sequence is first copied to make an RNA molecule, which is then "decoded" to build a protein. How does a gene in your DNA provide instructions for building a protein? Learn. STUDY. Flashcards. Enhance your understanding of protein synthesis in the cell and the central dogma through this interactive test. Transcription.

Transcription is the synthesis of an RNA copy of a segment of DNA.

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