The Chinese Immigration Act, 1923, known today as the Chinese Exclusion Act, (the Act) was an act passed by the Parliament of Canada, banning most forms of Chinese immigration to Canada. This is what has given Canada the narrative of a "white man 's country". Before and during World War two, Canada 's immigration Acts particularly the Chinese Immigration Act (1923) were both extremely exclusive and racist. They were allowed to go home to China for visits and then to re-enter Canada. Chinese people living here had to register with the government or they could be deported. Canada’s discriminatory immigration law and resultant policies worked to limit the number of new arrivals from China, and it’s believed that only 44 Chinese were able to immigrate here legally between 1923 and 1947, when the Act was repealed. The only few exceptions were diplomats, foreign students, and "special circumstance" granted by the minister of immigration. Passed on July the 1st, 1923, the Chinese Immigration Act prohibited almost all people of Chinese and Asian descent from entering Canada. The Chinese Exclusion Act was in force for 24 years, lasting through World War II. But no new immigrants could come in. Essay and family histories ... in Head Tax as a 13-year old migrant in 1923, months before Canada passed the Chinese Exclusion Act which forbade any further Chinese immigration. Immigration from most countries was controlled or restricted in some way, but only the Chinese were so completely prohibited from immigrating. Until the repeal of the Act in 1947, fewer than 50 Chinese entered Canada. In 1923, Canada passed another Chinese Immigration Act, which stopped Chinese immigration. His father before him had come to Canada to help build the railroads, and his older brothers were pioneers in British Columbia who worked in mines, grew produce, owned grocery stores, and built lumber mills. In fact one could argue that Canada was a multicultural place from the start. From 1900 to 1965 Canada 's immigration policy favored the British, American and European immigrants. Historical Perspective Chinese Immigration Act 1923 By: Brytan People back then would have thought that this would have been a good thing because everybody had belief that they would take over our country and us Canadians thought as them different, as they were a different race For instance the first people to live on the land were the Aboriginals from Asia, then the European Settlers, to Africans, and even Latin Americans. Chinese Exclusion Act was a law that passed by Congress on May 6 of 1882, that halted the immigration of the Chinese laborers for a span of 10 years and denied neutralization to the existing Chinese in the United States. This meant that Chinese men living here could not bring their families into the country.

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