It involved careful evaluation of literally hundreds of books, papers, church documents, and audio and video recordings. …

We were wrong to exclude people from God’s grace because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Meanwhile, if you remember the original Christian Research Institute as founded and led by the late Walter Martin, you’ll want to bookmark Walter Martin’s Religious Info Net — an apologetics ministry operated by Martin’s eldest daughter and her husband. See As a result, I initiated a research project culminating in The expanded cover story of this Special Edition of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Primary research was conducted not only in the U.S. but in such faraway places as China, Taiwan, South Korea, and England. Clearly, this is the most divisive issue of our time for the church. Continue reading → What Is Discernment?

(Although if we had worked through some of the issues above, we would have better tools to discuss this issue. Under scrutiny was a movement simply known as the “local churches” (without capitilisation), associated with the work of the Chinese Christian Witness Lee, who worked with and under the direction of the legendary Chinese … One of the main reasons this is taking place is that the majority of professing Christians have adopted the pervasive attitude in modern Western culture that says authority to determine right and wrong resides in the individual…. In December 2009, the Christian Research Institute (CRI) published an edition of its Christian Research Journal dedicated to CRI’s reassessment of the local churches and the ministry of … 38 Part 5: Addressing the Open Letter’s Concerns: On Lawsuits with Evangelical Christians (see download above) The “local church” movement has sued evangelical publishers and authors three times in the past three decades.

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