Participated in the.

How to Make Paper Roses: Who doesn't love roses?

Our Paper rose is ready.

What I love about it is it’s unusual.

Please see the finished one in the picture above.

I made one rose out of kraft paper from a recycled/reused grocery bag, so the craft is very frugal in it's demands. Download and print the template then follow the easy instructions to make long-stemmed roses that you can use in a bouquet or as a gift topper, hair piece or corsage. Learning how to make flowers out of construction paper can also be a beautiful bonding moment for the dad and kids. 10.

Apply glue lightly and stick each piece separately. Rudders85 made it!

14 People Made This Project!

DIY Metallic Paper Gardenia | My list of construction paper flower templates and tutorials won’t be complete without this. Makerspace Contest 2017. These paper flowers can go well with these Mother’s Day cards.

letter-weight paper (we used metallic paper) - one color for the rose and another for the leaf. Following the directions in this instructable, you can make one, three or a dozen roses. You can make roses with different colored papers and arrange them in a flower vase with other real flowers and leaves.

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