Song and Hubbe (2014b) also prepared cationic β-D-glucans as a dry-strength additive for paper. Dry strength is an inherent structural property of a paper sheet which is due primarily to the development of fibre to fibre bonds during consolidation and drying of the fibre network. Dry strength additives are typically used to offset the decline of paper strength resulting from addition of fillers or secondary fibres (such as recycled fibres). Dry strength additives are typically used to offset the decline of paper strength resulting from addition of fillers or secondary fibres (such as recycled fibres). Aries offers a comprehensive line of dry strength additives for paper making. In the US it is far more common in North America for papermakers to use cationic starch. Many water-soluble polymers, which can form hydrogen bonds with cellulose fibres, can be used as dry strength additives. Aries dry strength chemistry includes a variety of natural and synthetic products designed to optimize strength in tissue, packaging, printing and specialty paper. Other derivatives of natural products that are useful as dry-strength agents include carboxymethyl cellulose and guar gum derivatives. Aries Dry Strength Additives For Paper.

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