Anyone who reads Einstein's derivation of the transformation equations of Special Relativity in his 1905 paper may find it somewhat cryptic and unclear, especially on a first acquaintance, since he does not include all the intermediate mathematical steps in the argument. Gerald Holton, in his article ‘Influences on Einstein’s Early Work in Relativ-ity Theory,’ reported on his search in documents, diaries, notebooks, correspon-dence, and unpublished manuscripts in the Einstein archives at Princeton and other source materials for any indications relating to Einstein’s 1905 paper on relativity, Through the equation E=mc 2 , Einstein could then explain the enormous energy released by massive stars. Einstein’s special theory of relativity also showed that speed of light squared (c 2), which is a very large number, and a small amount of mass (m) – translates into a huge amount of energy (E). Introduction. Albert Einstein's Special and General Relativity relate to the Empirical (a posteriori) truth that the laws of Nature, and thus the velocity of light, are always measured to be the same for all observers irrespective of their motion relative to one another. Einstein's 1905 Paper on Special Relativity. 1.Introduction. university of … Graham Hall, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Aberdeen. law son, Destination page number Search scope Search Text Search scope Search Text relativity the special and general theory by albert einstein, ph.d. professor of physics in the university of berlin translated by robert w . in special relativity INTRODUCTION. Einstein's famous paper Zur Elektrodynamik Bewegter Körper (“On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”) was completed towards the end of June, 1905, and published in volume 17 of the well-known Leipzig journal Annalen der Physik in the same year. Einstein's Original General Relativity Paper, English-1915, 1916 "Hamilton’s Variational Principle and General Relativity Theory", German, by Albert Einstein, 1916 Historical Account of Einstein's Review Paper for his final 1916 General Relativity Paper In 1905, Albert Einstein, a 26-year-old patent clerk, wrote a paper that revolutionized science.In his Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein explained that the speed of light was constant but that both space and time were relative to the position of the observer.

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