English is an official language here, along with the native Tagalog. Abstract This study identified and analyzed the common linguistic errors encountered by Linguistics, Literature, and Advertising Arts majors in their Thesis Proposal classes in the First Semester 2016–2017. This shows that our English proficiency is declining. These English language learners often face the following challenges. It is very difficult to think of a society without language. Share ... ISBN 0-521-53032-6.Some of its modifications were undertaken to adapt on the research problem and scope ofthe study.Findings Majority of the respondents are in age 15y/o with a frequency and percentage oftwenty (20) or 69%; seventeen (17) or 56.62% are female students; ten (10) or 34% of thegrade point average of 3rd year students lie … thesis in English 50,863 views. We should be thankful that we have soft jaws, in which we could actually easily adapt any language in particular. Even in the laymen society, you can’t expect them that they don’t know how to speak English. Thesis Topics from Susan ConradIdeas for M.A.

English Department > Thesis topicsThe following is a list of suitable topics, – Attitudes to and use of the English language in This degree thesis project will investigate how often Ideas for M.A. CAUSES OF PROBLEMS IN LEARNING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE AS PERCEIVED BY HIGHER SECONDARY STUDENTS INTRODUCTION Language is a very important means of communication. This is the most significant and the most overlooked problem. University of San Carlos, Philippines IAFOR Journal of Language Learning Volume 3 – Issue 2 – Winter 2017 193.

It is a carrier of civilization and culture (Bolinger, 1968). In … 1.

Research in world Englishes (WE) and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) have long been promoting what Pakir describes as ‘common working axioms’ (2009: 228) which uphold the pluricentricity of English: the existence of varieties, the acceptance of Just as there are problems faced in learning English as foreign language, so there are challenges in learning English as second language. But it is not entirely surprising, with the way English has been taught, exposed, and reinforced to Filipinos. During the 2008 survey of International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Philippines only hooked the second place. Title of Thesis: ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER SPECIAL EDUCATION REFERRAL AND PLACEMENT OUTCOMES IN INSTRUCTIONAL CONSULTATION TEAMS SCHOOLS Arlene E. Silva, Master of Arts, 2005 Thesis Directed by: Professor Sylvia Rosenfield Departmen t of Counseling and Personnel Services University of Maryland, College Park The present study serves as an examination …

With more than 170 indigenous languages spoken in this country, it might be considered a feat to master one that does not even originate in this side of the world, but rather, on the opposite side. It sharpens people's thoughts and guides and controls their entire activity. English in the Philippines is not treated as merely a second language, but an official one.

Unqualified Teachers.

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