(Glenn & Castle, 2011) While perfect reduction of congestion is next to … if only our transportation's were good then … From an essay entitled “Cause and Effect Essay: A Traffic Problems of a Big City” says that as the population increases in a certain area, the more the people want to have their own vehicles to get around with. The Philippines is an island nation with the combination of “interracial mixture of prehistoric Negritos, Indonesians, and the Malays, the Filipino people were born” and it’s been a country of interest of other powerful nations (Nebres, Zulueta, 2008) Possibly the reason why the Philippines has never really taken control of its own economic, political, and social liberalisation is that the nation has been attacked with … Accidents just worsen everything. Websites.

A recent study claimed that Filipinos now spend an average of 16 full days stuck in traffic each year. As stated in the websites that the the researchers' accessed, with about sixteen million people inhabiting … This means that as the number of personal utility vehicles increases, the bigger the chances of traffic problems occur. Essay about poverty in the philippines Ask for details ; Follow Report by Jasoncanobas2760 11.07.2018 Log in to add a comment Answers marygeraldineclairde Virtuoso ; POVERTY IN THE PHILIPPINES ESSAY Even though Philippines has an improved economy today, majority of the people living there is still struggling in poverty. Cause and Effect: Traffic (1) Although Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern cities in the world, it is facing a problem of traffic congestion. People living in the Philippines are not enjoying the equal distribution of wealth, …

Another effect due to traffic congestion is increasing in death rates in the … the reason why this problem exists is because of our country's poor transportation. The costs of worsening traffic are depressing.

Essay about the traffic in the philippines - 2353801 Answer: The traffic in the Philippines is very hard. Besides that, some reasons contributed to increase traffic congestion such as, inefficient traffic management systems and insufficient public awareness .As a result of all previous reasons, the environmental pollution (air and noise) was increasing, and a slight negative impact on the economy in general was happening. Many residents spend hours stuck in traffic in the city every day. you have to leave your house at 5 in the morning and be stuck in traffic for a few hours so you'll probably reach your destination by 8:30. a lot of people complain about this problem. The Problem of Traffic in Metro Manila ... We know that there is a lot of corruption happening in the Philippines, therefore your donation will most likely go into the official's "pockets". LAST week I read a front-page article in this newspaper that Pinoys waste 28,000 hours in “traffic.” That translates to more than three whole years of your life wasted!

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