Please correct me and also let me know alternative ways to say this! Soon the argument heated up and there was a fear of a fight. “There are two sides to every story” is a little better, but still a cliché. While hard-working and creative, many people also say that Disney was racist, sexist, anti-Semitic and paid his workers poorly. While he regularly gave his housekeeper stocks in his company, which ended up being worth millions of dollars, some of his animators made only $12 a week. Is it correct to say it as: "As we know there are few things in this world that do not have two-faced implications, ABC also has both pros and cons." Every coin has two sides, but today I will talk to everyone here about three main disadvantages about campus love. In the modern era, globalization has played a prominent role in everyone's life. The first one is that campus love would waste time. I am a girl in college, so I expound this one on the EVERY COIN HAS TWO FACES. Once upon a time a man and a lion were journeying together. Additionally, the plastics was regarded as one of a most creative invention in 1862, but after centuries, white pollution has become a serious environmental issue. Just as the saying - "Every coin has two sides", globalization has brought both positive as well as bad effects to the human kind and we will discuss on the same. To kill time they started talking. The latter is often misspoken by English learners as “Every knife has two edges.” In any case, these are not suitable in an academic essay, and are simply too clichéd. Thanks.

Every Coin Has Two Sides Essay Sample The atomics and nuclear was intended to solve energy shortage problems by generating electricity in 20th century; however, humans used to produce nuclear weapons. For some time they talked happily but then one of them began to boast of his prowess and claimed to be superior to the other. ...Every Coin Has Two Sides The atomics and nuclear was intended to solve energy shortage problems by generating electricity in 20th century; however, humans used to produce nuclear weapons. So please share some new alternatives. But, there are two sides to every coin, and Walt Disney also had a dark side. I already know: "Every cloud has a silver lining" and "A coin has two sides."

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