Deception has been attacked repeatedly as ethically unacceptable and morally reprehensible. Deception refers to the act—big or small, cruel or kind—of causing someone to believe something that is untrue. This essay will explore whether participants in psychological experiments should ever be deceived regarding the true nature of the experiment. Any deception in research is inappropriate and takes advantage of the implicit trust and obedience given by the participants to the researcher. Arguments against the use of deception in research.

If you want to study some examples of deception in psychological research, look into the Stanford Prison Experiment, in addition to the BBC follow-up.


research. Thus, proposed research involving deception or incomplete disclosure necessitates special considerations by … Misrepresentation, on the other hand, occurs when a researcher misleads the participants in regard to the study objectives (Goodwin, 2010).Whether the deception is a partial disclosure or misrepresentation should not affect the objectivity of carrying out the research. 1. In psychology, deception occurs either when information is withheld from participants (omission) or when participants are intentionally misinformed about an aspect of the research (commission). Examples include: The study involves covert procedures, such as subjects being observed behind a one-way mirror.

When the participant volunteers to participate, their dignity must … Deception and incomplete disclosure raise concern as they may interfere with the ability of the subject to make a fully informed decision about whether or not to participate in the research.

It is largely been viewed as something which in long will cause effect on participants’ willingness to be a part of any psychological research. As you can imagine, weighing the pros and cons of deception in psychological or sociological research can certainly make for complicated discussions.

In psychological research, deception occurs when participants are wrongly informed or misled about the aims of the experiment. The Pros Of Deception In Psychological Research. The participants may be deceived about the setting, purpose or design of the research. In psychological studies, ethical issues associated with deception have always the major concern area. However, research has revealed that subjects who have participated in deception experiments versus nondeception experiments enjoyed the experience more, received more educational benefit from it, and did not mind being deceived or having their privacy invaded.

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