An adult stem cell is defined as any stem cell in a human being older than a seven-day embryo. Other arguments against embryonic stem cells cite the fact that adult stem cells are the ones currently being used in therapies and thus, there is no need to even venture into embryonic stem cell territory.

In particular, many religious groups who are adamantly pro-life have condemned embryonic stem cell research and all of its applications.

Vote Smart provides free, unbiased, in-depth information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting. List of Cons of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. They do, however, tend to support the use of adult stem cells. We work closely with our partners, the Stem Cell Action Coalition(link is external) and the Coalition for Advancing Medical Research(link is external), to advocate on behalf of stem cell research. These cells are … NIH Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) are assemblies of scientists with common research interests. Research!America supports federal funding for stem cell research on both adult and embryonic cell lines and works to promote and protect stem cell research at the state and federal levels. Critics against stem cell research argued that the ethical issues of scientific work on aborted fetuses did not justify the possible benefits. Although intensive research has been done on human embryonic stem cells since 1998, not a single workable cure has been found. RESULTS. A fertilized egg should be valued as a human life even if it is in its very first weeks.

Adult Stem Cells. Stem cell research holds the prospect of relief from suffering for groups of people who have acute and chronic conditions that may become less onerous and life-threatening if the missing substrates and enzymes are replaced by cells that replace the abnormal DNA. Since the advent of stem cell research, one barrier to furthering stem cell research has been religion. Human embryos deserve respect as any other human being does. The destruction of an embryo that occurs when embryonic stem cells are extracted has angered and upset many religious groups, who see it as 'murder' or the destruction of human life. Non-partisan and nonprofit since 1988.

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research argue that these embryos, regardless of their properties or the lack thereof, should be considered and treated with the same respect just like any other person.

Understanding cancer Embryonic Stem Cell Research has found no treatments or cures, while Adult Stem Cell Research has found more than 77 treatments/cures. National Stem Cell Research Special Interest Groups - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart Pro-life groups are pleased that funding for stem cell research has shifted in recent years from embryonic stem cells to adult stem cells in both liberal California and Maryland as well as funds from the federal government. 1. Most opponents to embryonic stem cell research think that it is wrong to destroy a 2- to 6-day-old embryo, even if it is not destined to start a pregnancy. Scientific Interest Groups. Stem cell research is helping scientists to understand how an organism develops from a single cell, and how healthy cells come to replace defective cells in people and animals.
We now have amazing new technology like Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) that is quickly making hESC research extinct and obsolete. "A life is a life and that should never be compromised. Stem cell research has shown great promise in the fairly new field of regenerative medicine, and many groups are actively pursuing new ways of harvesting stem cells and testing the cells’ plasticity—the ability to form a wide variety of mature cell types.

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