How did a … "Hamilton" is the Obama-era musical.
It is a self-aware narrative that actively seeks to dispel the inaccurate portrayal of Alexander Hamilton in the past, which leads to deeper investigation of historical narrative. The Music of Hamilton and its Historical, Cultural, Social, and Political Contexts. At the simplest presentational level, it shows previously marginalized people taking on the responsibility and burden of American history. Hamilton premiered off Broadway in 2015 and soon moved to Broadway to stun the world with it’s incredible everything, from plot to casting. Hamilton Essay The musical “Hamilton” is the most sought after musical in years.
The Broadway musical Hamilton is an unprecedented happening in the worlds of both history and musicals. A short introduction to Hamilton - the musical Hamilton is a musical about one of the Founding Father of America, the first treasury secretary – Alexander Hamilton. It is the first seen rap musical and it has received the most ‘Tony’ awards and nominations in Broadway history.

Why is a musical about the guy who created the financial system one of the hottest tickets on Broadway, or even nationally? Timothy A. Johnson, Ithaca College.

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