Well, life doesn’t work that way, just like the gym doesn’t work that way. the attitude people are supposed to hold themselves to.

SA: What I want people to realize is happiness can be a choice, and it’s something you can practice. This is where people get confused. On that Thursday afternoon at 2:28 p. M. , I had my son, and all the fear I had turned into the purest happiness I … No one else gets to call the shots. They think they can wish or think themselves to happiness by one choice, like a magic button or the right lottery ticket. Six months after I got married, I had the happiest day of my life.

Although I have much school work to complete, I …

Happiness is a choice. I have made the choice to be happy in my life. Happiness And Happiness 777 Words | 4 Pages . For years I would complain, “It’s not fair!” to my mother to which she would reply, “Well Aaron–.Life isn’t fair”. Because happiness is not a choice, when people are told to be happy and they're unable to achieve a happy state (because they're in a bad situation, because they have a chemical imbalance that doesn't allow them to be happy often, or for any other reason), they feel like failures. That would be a bad choice. Happiness is not just a feeling, it is a choice, and that day I chose to be happy. One lift will not make you strong. We simply don't function like that, and to tell people who battle depression that they have to only choose to be happy for it to work is absurd. Whether we want to believe it or not, we are responsible for how happy we are. Throughout my life I have found this to be true at times, and have accepted it as a fact and moved past it. The anger that it brought me pales in comparison to the indifference that statement has made others feel. Our essay on happiness will give you a good example of how to write an excellent essay, so it’ll be easier for you to write your assignments in the future. There are choices that can make you happy, unfortunately people don’t realize it can effect negatively in the long run. One choice and they win! I will be putting a temporary happiness ahead of the long term happiness I seek through education to accomplish my goals.

Happiness Essay; Happiness Essay. Happiness is a choice. Our prices are affordable, and we go to great lengths to make our clients satisfied with our work. There is a lot of power in realizing that we are in charge of our own happiness. For example, I can choose to go out have a good time and neglect my schoolwork. This was December 14, 2000, the day I gave birth to my son.When the day began I was afraid, I did not know what to expect, I had never done this before. You may also have as many free revisions as necessary until you are happy with your paper. This is one of many reasons that Joy is not correlated to Happiness. Most people assume that Joy is the same as happiness, but people do not get the option to be happy. But it’s not one choice that you make. Anger aside, I want the message in this article to be that happiness is not a choice. Happiness is a choice. Page 1 of 50 - About 500 essays. But if you’re feeling unhappy, that’s not failure.

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