Laertes wants revenge against Hamlet and Claudius for the all the pain he is suffering. But following the principle of an 'eye for eye, tooth for tooth'; , is not intelligent way to pursue justice. Justice And Justice In Hamlet 806 Words | 4 Pages. The definition of justice can mean many distinctive things. 2,033 words Revenge causes one to act blinding through anger, rather than through reason. I think it just depends on the situation. Meanwhile, Laertes wants justice for his father Polonius, and his sister Ophelia. Hamlet’s quest for justice is first introduced when he is visited by an ambiguous ghost who claims to be his father, the former king. Hamlet comes close to enforcing justice and righting a wrong, but in the heat of the moment he decides to back off, highlighting his indecisive nature. In order to gain full peace form of justice there must be an injustice. Not my best but surely some salvageable material Hamlet’s motives rally between those of both revenge and justice, and it becomes this internal conflict which sets the pace of events throughout Shakespeare’s entire play. Hamlet switches from enforcing justice to satisfying his bloodlust brought on by his hatred for Claudius. To restore justice Hamlet needs to expose not just Claudius but his mother as well, something he finds difficult. It is a part of human nature that forces us to seek revenge against the person who has granted us with pain. Justice is served in this play in the way of everybody who has done wrong dies. “Hamlet: No. In the end Hamlet finally gets up the courage to kill his uncle by stabbing him with a poisoned tipped sword and by making him drink the same poisoned drink that killed his mother. Hamlet, shocked and angry, avows to avenge his father’s death. Leaving Certificate English Higher Level. Revenge serves Hamlet as his initial goal in the pursuit for vindication of his father’s death. The play ends with 4 people dying in the last 4 pages and around 10 in total. Hamlet wants justice for his father, old King Hamlet, by killing his murderer, his fatherś brother and current king of Denmark.

However it can make people forgive, or get revenge. Revenge Vs Justice In Hamlet essay example. A noble drive for justice leads many people to a selfish need for revenge against those who wronged them. Laertes finally finds his justice and dies peacefully. The ghost tells Hamlet the details of his murder, including that his uncle Claudius is the culprit.

He can restore justice by becoming the rightful king of Denmark and exposing his uncle as … Polonius was murdered by Hamlet and Ophelia killed herself in her grief. He does indeed finally kill his uncle after his mother has been poisoned but only becomes king long enough to name his successor as he is dying himself at the time he kills Claudius.

Once justice is acquired by the person seeking it they can live haply or die peacefully.

Up, sword, and know thou a more horrid hent.

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