The Lisa And The Renaissance Art Of The Mona Lisa. This artwork was created by Leonardo Da Vinci, who was an Italian artist.

The Mona Lisa painting is on a 30 inch by 20.5 inches outline. Essay on Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Analysis. This is the justification of the mysteries which surround this painting and as result giving it a universal look and fame. He not only dedicate art in his life but also science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, and many other areas. The woman is shown with her hands folded, with her breast, neck, and face painted the same color as her hands. Perhaps the reason why so many people are eager to interpret a greater meaning in the painting is because of its lifelike quality that many paintings do not obtain. According to this theory the painting of the Mona Lisa is actually a feminine version of a self-portrait by the artist himself. The Mona Lisa is detailed picture that Leonardo’s skills are greatly portrayed in. The portrait depicts a woman’s bust, with a distant landscape that is visible in the backdrop. In this analysis of the Mona Lisa, the portrait represents the body in coherence with the body of the earth. Explain how each artists style and subject matter links to the themes/ideas being explored In the painting, "Mona Lisa", by Leonardo, the theme of the harmony between humanity and nature is established through his depiction of Mona Lisa and the use of his captivating style. The “Mona Lisa,” probably created between 1503 and 1506, epitomizes many of these ideas as it is essentially a portrait, believed to be that of a wife of a Florentine cloth merchant and therefore no one particularly important yet brought to center focus. The Mona Lisa exemplifies the renaissance period and the era of... Mona Lisa Analysis Essay.

Leonardo used a pyramid design to install the woman in a simple and calm manner within the painting. The expression of Mona Lisa has been described as being both aloof and alluring. The Mona Lisa was one of the famous painting in the world, personally I believe it still is. In the self-portrait theory it is said that the artist painted hidden messages into the painting using symbols (Mystery of the Mona Lisa (

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