Non-human primates are some of the most complex animal species at cognitive, behavioral, emotional and social levels. Animal Welfare 15(3):203-213. Thousands of individuals are housed at different types of animal center—principally laboratories, zoological parks and rescue centers. As Bailey (2005) puts it, non-human primates have advanced social and behavioral repertoire and high level cognitive skills just like human beings and should not be used for medical research. It is a moral responsibility to make the lives of animals used in research as pleasant as possible, and it is also good research.

But the overall number of non-human primates that US scientists use for research increased by 22% from 2015 to 2017, according to the Department of Agriculture, which regulates the use of lab animals. Each primate center has developed a plan for environmental enrichment and psychological well-being of their nonhuman primates to comply with revised Animal Welfare Act standards. With recent advances in genomics and the appearance of new technologies, the time is right to return to the problem of finding solutions to balance the welfare of both humans and NHPs. Banning in this case refers to the enactment of formal decrees prohibiting experimentation on non-human apes, though often with exceptions for extreme scenarios.. Great ape experimentation is currently banned in the … The term non-human ape here refers to all members of the superfamily Hominoidea, excluding Homo sapiens. Our policy requires that non-human primates are only used in research projects if no other species is appropriate for the purposes of the program. Rennie A. and Buchanan-Smith H. (2006) Refinement of the use of non-human primates in scientific research.

This is a list of countries banning non-human ape experimentation. It is believed that their brains and that of humans share structural and functional features. Part II: Housing, husbandry and acquisition. Part I: The influence of humans. Until now, there have been no ideal alternatives to replace non-human primates (NHPs) in biomedical research, yet the debate on whether it is appropriate to sacrifice NHPs for research never stops. When we use non-human primates. Rennie A. and Buchanan-Smith H. (2006) Refinement of the use of non-human primates in scientific research.

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