For me, the mobile experience is quite different than the experience on a bigger screen. Which is Greener: Paper or Digital? Need to access documents quickly while on the move? It seems that ever since digital entered the arena, print has been repeatedly knocked down like an old, played-out fighter, gaining a sad reputation against the younger, more vibrant computer and mobile screens. The Answer May Surprise You.

The experimental setup in these experiments used a large monitor screen for the digital ad display. Definition of Digital Environment: A context, or a “place”, that is enabled by technology and digital devices, often transmitted over the Internet, or other digital means, e.g., mobile phone network. What is Digital Environment? Records and evidence of an individual's interaction with a digital environment constitute their digital footprint. It’s clear we’re living in a very “digital” age. Mobile? That doesn’t mean that we’ve completely abandoned the pen and paper (see our recent discovery that handwriting is still thriving even for business professionals; or two examples of tech bloggers who confess to loving paper notebooks: “Pen and Paper: Better Than All Things Digital” and “This year’s killer app — pen and paper

Full details on the results of our Paper vs. Digital survey can be found in “Given the choice, consumers prefer a paper trail.” It also takes time, effort and money to access online accounts and obtain needed hard copies—remembering various usernames and passwords, and printing out online materials at home.

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Both formats have advantages and disadvantages.

Paper and digital media are not always interchangeable, but where they are, paper-based media does not require electrical power to operate and requires less energy per pound to be made. Today, though, both media consumption and shopping are shifting from laptop and desktop computers to mobile devices. Go digital. I've just bought a Kindle e-reader and, looking at all my shelves of books at home, am left wondering which has the smaller environmental footprint – paper books or ebooks?.

The Paper vs. Digital debate is often portrayed as the battle of Old vs. New. Check out this summary of the pros and cons of paper vs. electronic documents based on advice from organizational, legal and financial experts. Paper vs.

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If the paper is sourced responsibly, and the printing and logistics used renewable energy, print can be and environmentally preferable media choice over a digital alternative.

Electronic documents have two huge advantages: ease of retrieval and access.

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