The paperless office can be defined as an electronic document management environment that provides an alternative to the workflow and storage issues associated with paper files. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can just browse App Store download an app that will turn your smartphone into a scanner . Three decades later, not only are we are still waiting for the paperless office to manifest, but the same Wikipedia article stated that paper use doubled between the years of 1980 – 2000 due to the use of computer printers and faxes. If you have a scanner device, its great, you can take a first step towards a paperless office by scanning all bills and receipts. The paperless office is the first step toward digital transformation in your organization. Create a Paperless Office: Reduce Paper Use and Increase Productivity. The free Paperless Office PowerPoint Template has a gray background with a background image of a businessman using tablet that makes it look stunning. In fact, Business Week published an article about the paperless office as early as 1975, according to Wikipedia. The template is suitable for presentations about the productivity, office applications, IT solutions, etc. It performs most tasks using electronic communications including Emails and online document services. Bank of America is a perfect example, cutting its paper consumption by 25% in a two year span, by increasing the use of online forms and reports, and doing simple small habits like double-sided copying and lighter-weight paper. That’s only reducing their paper consumption.

‍ And maybe you’ve even considered implementing paperless processes in your own business.

Imagine Paperless. The tasks involved in organizing and working in a paperless office can be divided into two areas: document management and project management. We finally have the technology to create a paperless office - at this point it's a matter of embracing the new technology and providing training and encouragement for new business practices. It refers to the deliberate removal of paper from processes, with the goal of improving efficiency. Paperless Office Concept: A paperless office is one that eliminates paper products entirely, and thereby eliminates the cost of buying, copying, printing, and storing paper. Digitization is at the core of the paperless office.

This template can be used by executives, office managers, and other presenters.

This will save money and time, improve the security of documents and increase customer satisfaction. Introducing the paperless office.

All documents will be converted to digital form and physical documents will be discarded.

You’ve heard about how many companies are moving toward paperless environments and automated document workflows. You’ve probably also heard stories about how implementing these things can dramatically reduce costs, improve customer and employee experiences, and increase overall revenue.

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