2. Download Student Handout: PDF format or Word format. Activity 1. 3. photosynthesis: the light reactions, which capture solar energy and transform it into chemical energy; and the Calvin cycle, which uses that chemical energy to make the organic mol-ecules of food. Activity 2.

These include an overview, analysis and discussion activities, and a game for review. Download Teacher Preparation Notes: PDF format or Word format. Please explain the difference between a “chloroplast” and “chlorophyll”. The process of photosynthesis involves the use of light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar, oxygen, and other organic compounds. Activity 3 . Student Activity Sheet Photosynthesis Module 1. The Power House! Photosynthesis uses light energy to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen. Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Activities For pdf copy click HERE. What are the structures involved in the food making process in plants? (Both a .ppt and .pptx are included). Photosynthesis Activity Package contains 10 documents as follows: 1) 20 Slide PowerPoint Presentation on Photosynthesis. View and submit comments. When they require energy, they can tap the stored energy in sugar by a process called cellular respiration.

Download this printable PDF to hand out to your class and test their knowledge on the process of photosynthesis. (Interpretation) Photosynthesis and Respiration Plants make sugar, storing the energy of the sun into chemical energy, by the process of photosynthesis. Activity 5. Photosynthesis & Respiration – Purpose of photosynthesis and respiration, … If you can’t see the worksheet, please click the download button. Photosynthesis occurs when a tree uses the sunlight and chlorophyll to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose. Activity 6 - Carbon dioxide uptake varies at different times of day. Write the chemical equation for photosynthesis. Investigating the Leaf Stomata. It isn’t the glucose which turns the leaves green, however, it is the chlorophyll. _____ absorb energy from the sun, _____ enters leaves through the stomata, and _____ enters the leaves through veins. Evidence of Photosynthesis. (Interpretation) Activity 7 - We can observe the change in carbon dioxide uptake with different environmental conditions. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence. Activity 4. Activity 5 - Carbon dioxide is one of the raw materials for photosynthesis. The tree needs to eat this glucose to grow, and we know it is eating because the leaves are turning green. Comparing Photosynthesis and Respiration. Activity 6. Photosynthesis Worksheet contains: Photosynthesis Worksheet Answer Sheet [PDF] Photosynthesis Worksheet [PDF] 2) Accompanying Student Notes for #1 (PDF) 3)Green Solar Cells- an introduction to the chloroplast (reading comprehension and coloring). (Class practical; Prediction, observing, recording and analysing.) Let Us ReCharge! More Minds-on Activities More Minds-on Activities for teaching cell biology are available at Cell Structure and Function. Finally, we’ll consider some aspects of photo-synthesis from an evolutionary perspective.

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