People have different views about the importance of planning for their future. Send us your writing samples for a free band score estimate or get a detailed analysis of your writing for a fee. While some people spend a lot of time and energy on drafting details plans others just life in the present. Although the level of planning we are comfortable with is a personal preference there are major advantages to planning ahead in short, mid and long-term. The first thing to say is that being in the present does not mean being separate from the past or the future. People who manage to balance living in the moment with planning for the future are best able to weather daily stress without succumbing to … Some people consider thinking about the future and planning for the future to be a waste of time They argue that people should simply live in the moment Do you agree or disagree Essay topics: Some people consider thinking about the future and planning for the future to be a waste of time. Do you sacrifice your comfort and pleasure today for protecting your future? How does this dilemma play out in your financial life? And some are so busy planning for the future they forget to enjoy today. Being a future-oriented person allows you to plan ahead. Your personal essay is essentially the story of your life — or at least, the story of one important moment or journey you have made in your life. This is the fourth in a series of posts called the “Two-Sided Coin,” where TSD’s Jon Gorey and Holly Johnson take opposing viewpoints on personal finance topics.. Holly: Save Now or Forever Hold Your Peace. Rather than seeking quantity of time, when we live in the moment we enjoy and savor every minute. We can do all of these things and still enjoy each moment as it unfolds. You can mentally visualize every step of the process, predict possible obstacles and envision your success. We don't sacrifice quality for quantity. Some of us are so busy enjoying today that future plans are not exactly top-of-mind. Since planning is a crucial part of every project, focusing on the future clearly helps you in achieving your goals. If we don’t know what it means to be living in the moment, it generally makes it difficult to actually live in the moment. Some people consider thinking about and planning for the future to be a waste of time. We were all students at one time, and we will write your essay with the same dedication we would use for our own essays. influenced and events my reading and writing development throughout my childhood from my mother, my elementary librarian, and Sesame Street, to getting my first pair of glasses. A Defining Moment Essay 755 Words | 4 Pages.

Some say they don’t make enough money to save, which is understandable if true.

Put aside all your worries about the future and all your thoughts of the past, and simply enjoy the moment you’re experiencing right now. Here is a band 8 IELTS essay sample submitted by one of our students. Future plans: Grammar test 1 Grammar explanation We use different verb forms to talk about our plans for the future, depending on what kind of plan it is: a spontaneous plan, a pre-decided plan or … If that doesn’t convince you to live in the moment…

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