The Air Quality Research Center at University of California, Davis provides support for teams of collaborative researchers to conduct scientific, engineering, health, social and economic research that educates and informs planning and regulations for air quality and climate change. With new, low-cost sensor technologies and apps, everyday citizens can monitor air pollution on-the-go where they live, work, and play—providing valuable information for individuals and communities, as well as troves of data for scientific research. Latest COVID-19 public health information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) For that reason research is now under way to assess the long-term effects of chronic exposure to low levels of air pollution—what most people experience—as well as to determine how air pollutants interact with one another in the body and with physical factors such as nutrition, stress, alcohol, cigarette smoking, and common medicines. Findings: Between 2005 and 2007, nearly 30,000 hospital admissions and emergency-room visits could have been avoided throughout California if federal clean-air standards had been met. Air Quality Monitoring for Citizen Science - Air quality has a significant impact on our health. Home > Research Topics > Household air pollution news, resources and funding for global health researchers Print COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. The UC Davis AQRC educates and informs through conferences, outreach, scholarly publications, and training grants. NIEHS research contributes to the identification of new risks and creates a sound scientific base for the development of stricter air quality standards by regulatory agencies. Air quality and greenhouse gases The JRC provides essential support to policy for improving air quality, including initiatives to harmonise air quality monitoring processes and to develop integrated greenhouse gas and air pollutant emission inventories and projections. They are also introduced to some engineering concepts such as how air quality measurements are made and how control technologies work.

As research in this area advances, it continues to inform public health interventions, including regulatory actions, to improve health and protect quality of life. Poor air quality leads to the premature deaths of over 3 million people per year worldwide. Students learn the basics about the structure of the Earth’s atmosphere, the types of pollutants that are present in the atmosphere (primary, secondary, gas-phase compounds, particulate matter), and the importance of air quality research. These cases led to higher hospital care cost of approximately $193 million. Research AIR QUALITY. “Impact of Air Quality on Hospital Spending” Romley, John A.; Hackbarth, Andrew; Goldman, Dana P. Rand Corporation, 2010. Because of the rapid rate of urbanization in the developing world, this number is expected to rise dramatically over the next several decades.

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