Winning or losing would mean that there is a destination.

Winning and losing come in cycles; neither is permanent. F or parents, it is important to remember that there is a lot more to winning a competition, says Kenneth Barish a professor of Psychology. They are two sides of the same coin. The Importance of Winning Essay 788 Words 4 Pages The Importance of Winning There is an old saying “ It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” Defining the inevitable path one takes through the rules of competition, these rules depict the outcome of the choices a man or woman makes through life – to win or to lose. Just because you’re winning, doesn’t mean you’re the best, and you may stop striving to be or working as hard. Winning and Losing To win and lose. Games Are Not Just about Winning. A destination is not the same as a purpose. Losing is mostly frowned upon. The Pros Of Losing. If one says that our destination is to cease to exist, then it would seem to me that however you want to play the game is fine. It seems that winning is the most important thing. A purpose is however you want to play the game. Constantly winning, or winning early on, could also be detrimental because it may give you a false sense of your own abilities. But losing builds character.

Winning and losing are a part of life. For many people, winning is all that matters. Individuals compete, not only for the challenges that come along the process but of the glory at the end. Winning, by whatever means, evokes in young children a feeling of pride; losing evokes a feeling of failure and shame. They are mere words that define so much in this world. Every competition is a socializing experience for children. A s a person who competed in a variety of high school and college athletics and also coaching experiences in college golf, high school basketball, soccer, baseball, and tennis, I am familiar with winning and losing in both roles of athlete and coach. Sure, at first, losing doesn’t feel all that good. Today’s victor is tomorrow’s or yesterday’s loser.

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