“The most important thing I found out was that we are still educating different social classes for different functions in society.” She expected to find the English state system was providing Upper-class parents are better able to send their children not only to exclusive private schools, but also to public state-funded schools. Education in the formalized setting of classrooms and school districts is still the process of human being teaching other human beings about the world around them. In this sense, the exposure to wealth my private school education accorded me was a “success” in enabling my potential movement from one social class to another. Evaluate the extent to which home based, rather than school – based factors account for social class based differences in educational achievement (30) Focusing on home background initially, we can look at how material and cultural factors might affect a child’s education. Social class is as British as rain or tea—and class is currently dominating the social mobility debate over on the other side of the pond. How Does Race and Social Class Affect Your Education. Social Class and Educational Achievement Essay Plan. Such schools are likely to be of higher quality in affluent areas than in impoverished ones, since they are funded by property taxes within the school district. Two years ago, academics analysed data from a survey of 325,00 adults and concluded there were seven distinct social classes in the modern British class system, as opposed to the traditional upper, middle and lower.

Public education has gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent decades, as many families are exploring other education options, like homeschooling, private schools and charter schools. Children's social class is still the most significant factor in determining their exam success in state schools, the Government's head of teacher training acknowledges today. It is hardly surprising in this context that every aspect of the teacher's and student's personality and mental make-up is a factor in the process of education. Check out these 10 potential advantages a public school education can provide. However, public schools still serve a significant role in preparing the next generation of world leaders. Low social class also affects children’s social, behavioral, and other noncognitive skills When assessing students’ readiness to enter school, it is increasingly apparent that researchers need to focus on a much broader set of skills than math and reading.

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