The Taoism of these ancient texts advanced a doctrine of liberation through submission, of control by means of noninterference, and of transcendence as a result of physiological and mental regimens. At that point, you may not feel the need to wear it at all, because what you hold internally is more important than the appearance you present externally. THE "THREE TEACHINGS": CONFUCIANISM, TAOISM, AND BUDDHISM We have seen that many characteristic features of Chinese philosophy can be related directly to the written language. Taoism Directory When you do wear it — thereby displaying your credentials — you will know that you have done it right. Taoism and the Arts of China; The Art Institute of Chicago's website that features art that illustrates Taoist daily life. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to wear your own scholarly attire with confidence. Philosophical Taoism, often represented by the yin-yang symbol, originated in China with the teacher Lao Tzu (604–517 BC).Although we do not know much about his life, he left his teachings behind for posterity in a brief work called Tao Te Ching, that is, “The Way and Its Power/Virtue.”The term Tao is typically translated as “way” or “path.” Taoism (däu´Ĭzəm), refers both to a Chinese system of thought and to one of the four major religions of China (with Confucianism, Buddhism, and Chinese popular religion). The effects of these religious readings will be traced in surveying later Daoist movements and impacts.

Includes images, a historical timeline and a bibliography of Taoism-related books.

Other Articles on Taoism Tao Hongjing 陶弘景 (456-536) The Taoist master, alchemist, and pharmacologist Tao Hongjing was born in 456 near present-day Nanjing. An old distinction between religious and philosophical Taoism guided scholarship in the West until the last decades of the 20th century. He served in various positions at the courts of the Liu Song and Qi dynasties until 492. Philosophical Taoism The philosophical system stems largely from the Tao-te-ching, a text traditionally ascribed to Lao Tzu but probably written in the mid-3d cent.

But other aspects of traditional Chinese thought seem more closely related to environmental factors. These Taoist articles will help you explore life

Tao represents the unknown, the blank areas of the map, the places we go to discover more about our nature. The central sections of this article will trace the conceptual basis for a fully philosophical interpretation of the two core texts of Daoism while pointing out along the way where the more religious readings find footing in the texts.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Taoism; Scholarly, peer-reviewed and lengthy article entry on Taoism.

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