Simply explained, culture industry is a term used by social thinkers Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer to describe how popular culture in the capitalist society functions like an industry in producing standardized products which produce standardized people. A cultural industry is a product or service that is based on the culture of a civilization, nation, society, group or place. Since the term was coined by Horkheimer and Adorno in their 1947 essay ‘‘The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception,’’ both what the term designates and its theoretical implications have undergone a number of shifts. Culture industry is a term which performs both a descriptive and conceptual function. It also has a history. The culture industry originated from profit-making greed, which is deluging culture like a fungus and continues to fuel the industry to this day by producing standardised products to be sold on the market (Adorno as cited in Cook, 1996). According to Adorno and Horkheimer, the culture industry refers to the collection of all the aspects of technology in the modern society that brings change in the lifestyles of many. The culture industry can pride itself on having energetically executed the previously clumsy transposition of art into the sphere of consumption, on making this a principle, on divesting amusement of its obtrusive naïvetes and improving the type of commodities.

The … This majorly includes the systems that provide information to the society leading to a change of their perspectives about several issues in life.
The following are examples of cultural industries. The industrial aspect had long since taken over the “cultural” aspects and, since the late nineteenth century, “culture” had been co-opted by a vast capitalist profit-making machine. The Culture Industry, as the name implies, is part of the Industrial Revolution, a product of industrial technology. Culture Industry.

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