The aims of this study were to identify factors that influenced willingness to pursue DIY-FMT including common indications, screening processes, sample preparation, and self-reported efficacy and safety outcomes. Project Scope Management refers to the set of processes that ensure a project’s scope is accurately defined and mapped. Journals present the most recent research, and journal articles are … 2. Review article: Review articles provide a critical and constructive analysis of existing published literature in a field, through summary, analysis, and comparison, often identifying specific gaps or problems and providing recommendations for future research. METHODS: A twenty-five-point cross … Skim the article to get a feel for its organization 1,6 These are considered as secondary literature since they … In summation it is true that performing research is not a walk in the park, to add to the obscurity, getting your manuscript to be accepted and Journal articles are shorter than books and written about very specific topics. robiome and FMT, ultimately acting as a catalyst for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY)-FMT movement. The scope identifies the boundaries of the study in term of subjects, objectives, facilities, area, time frame, and the issues to which the research is focused. Whether you're publishing a journal article review or completing one for a class, your critique should be fair, thorough, and constructive. A journal is a collection of articles (like a magazine) that is published regularly throughout the year. How to Review a Journal Article. Submit your research to one journal only, but check if they offer transfers to other journals Follow the instructions for authors carefully There are two main factors to consider when choosing a journal: that your paper fits within the journal’s scope , and the reputation of the journal itself. If one journal rejects your article, try another one, and another one, and yet another one! Sample phrases that help express the scope of the study: By choosing to publish a SpringerOpen journal, editorial control, including decisions on individual articles as well as on editorial policies regarding journal scope, peer review, and quality thresholds, lies entirely in the hands of the

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