Shah Rukh Khan was born in a middle class family. Dinning What famous person would you like to have dinner with? If you could travel back in time to meet a famous person from history, what person would you like to meet? Cue Card # a famous person you would like to meet May 4, 2020 IELTS Research 18 comments There are so many people that we adore but then there is this one person in everyone’s life that they follow, that they idolize that people wish to meet in their life-time.

If you still feel unsure, you can ask a different person to read your essay to reassure yourself that you have caught any mistakes. As a child he played in movies with his father, and was well-known throughout China. Describe someone who is famous in your country. In his youth he acted in several stage plays and received praise for his performance. Thus, this being said, if i could meet three famous persons they would probably be Mitch Hedberg (deceased comedian), Audrey Tautou (actress) and, last but not least, Neil Armstrong (retired astronaut). We could be idolizing that person for his/her important contribution.

We could want to meet him/her because of a past acquaintance. Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice. Describe a celebrity you want to meet. I choose these persons minding they're achievements, my interests and likes and, of course, curiosity. In my to-meet list, there are many famous persons whom I want to meet and spend some time with him.I would like to talk about my favorite Shahrukh Khan. If I had to choose a famous person to spend a day with it would have to be with, Bruce Lee. There are several scientists, actors, actress, political leaders, poets, IT specialists, business founders, sportsperson, writers and journalists in this list but Paulo Coelho is the … To give much more evidence on why I would like to meet this very famous person, I would like to analyze his both personal and professional life. Describe someone famous you have met. While growing up he was being picked on by other kids, he told his mother that he wanted to learn Martial arts to defend himself from kids that would pick on him … Describe your favourite actor or actress. A Famous Person You Would Like To Meet. There are so many people I could say to answer this question. It would be really interesting to meet my ancestors but let’s be real, if I inherited my stubbornness from them it’s doubtful they’d want to travel through time just to meet me.

I am huge bball fan and he seems like a charismatic fun guy to meet whose really well rounded. Describe someone famous you know about.

Your teacher may have given you this assignment with exact instructions on who to write about and what information to include, or they may have just asked you to write about someone from history that you admire without telling you exactly what information to include. I really like to meet him because he is my favorite actor and I like his way of emotions in acting. He studied in St. Columbia School and received the school's highest award, the Sword of Honour. I always have been seeing his interviews on television as well as on the internet.I always have been ready to see his movies.So because of such qualities a famous person through which he becomes a famous one that his/her politeness which makes him /her very famous and people always respect him. There are a lot of reasons why we want to meet a person. Describe a famous person you know about. He has always been an inspiration to me because he followed his dreams. Runner up: Sarah Palin. Describe a movie actor or actress you like. I'd like to spend a day with him and show him all the amazing things in the world now like the Internet as well as having him meet my husband and son and see the person I am. In my to-meet list, there are so many famous persons whom I dream to meet and spend some time with.

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