This review suggests that research findings have … ... Research findings may be summarized for interested stakeholders in press releases, newsletters, policy briefs, and Web sites. Policy for ending deep-rooted human conflict will not be realistic unless policy makers think in terms of a multilevel peace process that embraces both official and public peace-making efforts. Over the last decade the UK government has been promoting the concept of Evidence-based policy (EBP). Policy making does not take place in distinct stages The ‘stages’ of policy making do not just often overlap, they are often inseparable. Little is known about how such partnerships are enacted in practice, however, or how to increase their effectiveness. NGOs want their paper to influence policy now, not in one or two years from now. Our partners in the South constantly ask about what is happening in the UK …
Measuring policy impact of research is an important way for donors to evaluate whether the research they are funding is policy-relevant and communicated effectively. Peer review is slow. Evidence generation partnerships between researchers and policy-makers are a potential method for producing more relevant research with greater potential to impact on policy and practice.

In other words, plans may be present at the same time, or before, a need to act has Peer review journals have a different audience than grey literature.

NGOs typically want to communicate with people like policy makers or journalists, and these are less likely to read peer reviewed journals. A comprehensive peace process will work in the civil societies where citizens form the associations they need to build the practices and institutions of peace as well as in official negotiating rooms.

These projects are testimony to the real influence research and the knowledge it produces can have on public policy.
ful research projects, summarizes' their findings, and discusses their influence on criminal justice policy and practice. Evidence-based Policy: Importance and Issues What is the purpose of this paper? In the real world, policy problems and policy solutions frequently emerge together, rather than one after another. Of course these two approaches can go hand in hand. How Governmental Policy is Made ... research and the policy makers process, package, and disseminate information and advocate for legislative change. Communication is important but we must not ‘dumb down’ the role that policy makers can and should play. The Influence of Research on Criminal Justice Policy Making Professional Issues in Criminal Justice Vol 4(1), 200913 same time and reflecting on the nature of sociological research and its utility to governmental decision making, McCoy makes the following observation: What at times is missing in sociological studies is the type of

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